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Ngaio Bay

Posted by Rebecca K on 11/05/2016
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How We Reached a Global Audience to Find the Perfect Buyer

This amazing property, secretly tucked away in pristine Ngaio Bay was a great challenge. The setting was absolutely stunning, the perfect place to create family memories, but the home was very dated, and had seen next to no change since its inception in the 1970’s. Furthermore the property was on a cross lease title, and has an access road which is affected by high tides. Not
the easiest of sells.

We identified the potential buyer to be someone who was looking for a holiday home, most likely a kiwi family working overseas who wanted a place to come home to during summer months to create family memories with their kids, memories like the ones they had as kids growing up in New Zealand.

We identified the uniqueness of the setting to be the main selling point, and focused intensely on the location of the property, family, summer and creating memories throughout the marketing. Our promotional video (above) for this property was radically different to what any other Real Estate agent had put together at the time.

It worked, combined with a targeted digital marketing campaign we managed to get the video in front of a kiwi family working in Singapore, after some tough negotiations a very successful sale
was secured.

The key to the successful sale was the incredible reach of social media and the unrivaled storytelling ability of video.

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