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Location doesn’t matter – here is what does.

Posted by Roar Kristoffersen on 28/06/2016
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Beautiful living room with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home

What really matters is presentation…

For years and years the cliche in Real Estate has been ‘Location, Location, Location’, heck, there’s even a popular house selling program by that name.

Funny thing is that location is one of the few things we can do absolutely nothing about, the house will be where it is (unless you go a bit extreme and relocate the house to sell).

What you can and should do something about is presentation. Presentation is the most cost effective ways to improve the value of your property bar none. The best part is that all it takes for most of us is time and a bit of elbow grease.

Here are my top 10 recommendations for quick fixes that will vastly improve the saleability of your property:

  1. Keep it clean for viewings, there is nothing that will put potential buyers of like a dirty home. As a working mum I can totally appreciate it is not always easy to achieve this so here is my trick. Do one room at a time, if you need to make it off limits when finished, do so or even better lock it. If you have kids, get them to chose three toys each and hide the rest away. You are going to be packing soon anyway, and the kids will be fine
  2. Street appeal does matter! You will never get people to buy the property if they don’t even make it to the front door! Make sure your garden is tidy, mow the lawns, fix the fence or trim the hedges. If the driveway is looking a bit tatty or has a few pot holes, fix them. Visually people like nice clean lines, so if your flower beds or perhaps the driveway are sprawling a bit further than necessary, consider using some edging.  
  3. Fix anything that is broken! As a way of protecting themselves almost all buyers are looking for reasons why they shouldn’t buy your property. Your aim is to give them no reason. If a buyer walks up to the front door and the door handle falls of or the window is broken, they will immediately start looking to see what else is wrong with the place. However, if you have put in a bit of effort and make sure everything is working well. They will hopefully walk away with only positive thoughts.
  4. Wash your windows! I think this speaks for itself, but you would be amazed by how many people who don’t bother. Once again, a bit of elbow grease is all that is needed but the effect is sometimes dramatic – especially if you have pets and/or children. Don’t give the buyers any reason to start looking for negatives around the property.
  5. De-clutter! An oldie but a goodie, one of the areas in the property where this is especially important is the kitchen. If you are anything like the rest of us, the kitchen bench easily becomes a storage unit for bills, newspapers, keys and a host of other day to day items, get rid of them to show that there is plenty of bench space. Clear drawings and stuff like that of the fridge it might be cute, but to most people it just looks messy.
  6. Make it easy to maneuver around the home.  Put yourself in the place of the buyer, if you came through the front door and walked through to have a look, is there anything that is in the way? Often big items of furniture or a large number of furniture will make a room look much smaller than it is. Small rooms are one of the number one turn offs for most buyers.
  7. Paint. If you think it probably needs a paint, then it needs a paint! It is one of those questions where people often become unstuck. Should I paint Yes or No. Most buyer will tell you they are happy to do a bit of work, however my experience tells me that most people will rather pay a bit extra and not have to do anything. What might cost you a $1000 to do would often be discounted by many thousand dollars in the mind of the buyer.
  8. Re-carpet! Same as with painting, if you think it needs to be recarpeted, it probably needs to be recarpeted. Carpet is one of those things that can really date a home. If you have a really worn or even worse patterned carpet then it might be worth having a chat to one of the carpeting places. Most of the carpet places will offer an interest free finance deal which gives you plenty of time to sell the property before you have to pay for the carpet.
  9. New handles! An easy way to update your property is by replacing door, kitchen, and bathroom handles. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I usually recommend people look at this range.
  10. Open up your curtains! Make sure you open up your curtains and let in that glorious sunshine. Buyers really like nice sunny homes, especially a beautifully sunny lounge and kitchen is almost a must these days. So if you have a beautiful sunny home make sure you make the most of it!

I hope these handy little tips help you out. If you pick the ones that apply to you I am certain you will achieve thousands of dollars more than you otherwise would have.

If you  would like some more advice you are always most welcome to contact me.

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