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My list of things to look out for when viewing for the first time…

Posted by Roar Kristoffersen on 06/09/2016
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Sometime it can be really overwhelming when you are having a look at a property for the first time so I like to have a wee list of things I want to make sure I look out for while I am there:

  • When I walk up to the property I always like to have a good look at the roof to make sure it is good condition.
  • I always like to find out what the water and sewerage systems are. (mains supply or on site) and check the water pressure.  
  • I am a kitchen person, so always have to have a good look there.
  • What is the heating in the home.
  • I like to find out what the insulation in the home is if I can.
  • Check if the home has double glazing.
  • Keep a look out for any water marks on walls or ceilings, these can be signs of a potential leak.
  • Fire Alarms.
  • Have a good look at the construction and make sure the maintenance has been kept up to date.   
  • How does it make me feel?

These are just a few things I like to keep an eye out for, you might have others.

We always try to make as much of this information available on my website to make it easy for you to research before viewing. Alternatively, we are always happy to answer any questions you might have when viewing.


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