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Posted by Roar Kristoffersen on 16/10/2017
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One of the key things we wanted to change when we set about developing the Rebecca K marketing systems was the lack of transparency, both towards buyers and sellers.

The Buyer:

For as long as real estate professionals have been around we have done one thing really well and that is keep the information to ourselves, towards the buyers real estate sales people use the lack of information as bait to get buyers to contact them so they can collect the buyers contact information and then start bombarding them with information about other properties, calling the buyers when it is least convenient and generally annoy the crap out of the buyers in the hope that they might possibly sell them something. Although this seems like the best way to collect “leads” for most real estate sales people it really is a pain in the butt for buyers.

We decided to simply give people what they want and what they can get other places on the internet anyway which is instant access to all property information directly on our website, and not just a select bit of info, we developed a website which aside from providing downloadable documents provides substantially more information about each property than other real estate websites. The feedback has been amazing. We have had more than 55,000 visits to the site in the last 12 months. Those are staggering numbers for an individual agents site and one that other agents have been very keen to keen to replicate, so much so that they have paid us to build them similar sites or have attempted to achieve something similar on their own. What most of these real estate sales people don’t understand is that the website is only one part of what we do for our buyers…

The seller:

When it comes to sellers or vendors as they are often referred to then the information isn’t much more forthcoming, however, it this case it is not actually to achieve anything that the information is unavailable it is down to the simple fact that the real estate sales person doesn’t know! As an example when the agent tells the vendor ‘we had 1200 hits on your trademe listing, and a 1/2 page ad in the paper and four groups through the open home” there is a whole bunch of very important things the sales person does not know. Why did we have 1200 hits on trademe and only 4 groups at the open home?? How many people saw the half page ad in the paper?? There is no way of answering those questions, yet those questions are usually followed up by a request to the vendor to reduce their asking price or spend more money on advertising or both. When I make decisions like that I would like a bit more information, that is why our whole system is geared around transparency, we have created a completely transparent funnel which shows our vendors every step of the way what results the marketing investment has produced and because we are not hiding behind the smoke and mirrors of an upcoming open home it is easy for our vendors to make an informed decision to spend another $5 a day on marketing or simply accept the offer in front of them.

Using technology has not only given us an edge on our competitors, it has made life easier for our buyers and enabled our vendors to make decisions based on fact not guess work.

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